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Positive thoughts, uplifting photos, and good news can be found everywhere and every day. examenlife encourages everyone to spread the love! Did someone or something make you smile? Did a new song make you feel like dancing? Did you support or attend a charity event? Post it!

A job résumé reveals your for-profit career journey, but a volunteer résumé reveals your non-profit character journey! examenlife wants you to be proud of the time, passion, or donations you've given to charities, nonprofits, or any tax-exempt organizations.

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Our mission is to become a global hub of positivity, linking philanthropic people and the nonprofit organizations they support.

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For anyone with a history of giving, examen life welcomes you home! While Facebook records life's scattershot events and LinkedIn targets professional wage-earners, examenlife is a forum singularly focused on promoting the philanthropic passions of charitable people. Young students, supportive spouses, seasoned executives, and all those in between... examenlife is for everyone!


Founder Mathew Cole is a third-generation Floridian from Clearwater and 1993 graduate from the University of Florida. Along with his fiancé Karen and her two amazing kids, Matt lives in South Tampa. He is an avid runner, reader, and traveler with an optimistic belief in the power of good will.

While out for a jog in the Spring of 2015 and listening to an audiobook, Matt learned of the examen prayer. Inspired, he developed the examenlife app for users to share volunteer activities, post positive messages, promote nonprofit organizations, and celebrate the philanthropic spirit.

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