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examen life is your social media app to post positive messages and share volunteer activities. Celebrate the the joy of living and the spirit of giving!

social media - Positive thoughts, uplifting photos, and good news can be found everywhere and every day. examen life encourages everyone to spread the love! Did someone or something make you smile? Did a new song make you feel like dancing? Did you support or attend a charity event? Post it!

​volunteer résumé - A job résumé reveals your for-profit career journey, but a volunteer résumé reveals your non-profit character journey! examen life wants you to be proud of the time, passion, or donations you've given to charities, nonprofits, or any tax-exempt organizations.

does the examen life app allow posting to other social media accounts?

Of course! We want account holders to be as social as possible, sharing their volunteer passion. You can share posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

can anyone create an examen life account?

examen life is for everyone! Accounts can be created by individuals, organizations, or businesses. They can be public or private.

examen: why is it spelled differently?

The word 'examen' is Spanish for... 'examine!' Both words are similar in pronunciation and meaning. The Jesuit founder, a Spaniard, used this word for a daily prayer celebrating positive & meaningful events.

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